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Dec 26, 2012 12:00am EST
there and the snow was clearing and they built a fence around it. the pictures of the fbi tried to figure out we have to take the cavan away, so they decide to build -- they are going to fly it out. did anybody ever see the wizard of oz's? so the built a road and it was months they were building the roads on the mountain, you know, and so i got to know the neighbors and i got in behind the fbi lines and i got to stay with the neighbors and they take me up on the snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles and in the five-year there's a big piece of wood and it's got all these mathematical symbols and his cellar where he tried to get his brother to go in this is what the neighbors left. they just loved this guy. i thought my god i would like to read a story about this guy interacting with people, carvings and it would be all black and sort of smelling bad to go through the town and all the dogs would chase him and he would be horrified and he would give -- any way what i did is anyplace he ever stayed all the hotels i rode the buses and i went to the library where he had used so we could never figure out why
Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm EST
, connectors very sad and cisco. but he goes on to the sherman later, the fbi and the cold war were going after harry bridges and the restless in doing so, were determined to throw them in prison because he was such an effective pay per liter. this is a great champion of civil rights. he runs for president under the progressive party ticket in 1952. fbi goes after with everything they have. he's turned in prison on trumped up tax charges twice, but he raises the sprawling brood of chuck irish kids. terence hallinan who miss in this neighborhood, brother patrick, lawyers themselves and of course da of san francisco. the only da, by the way, who was given a hot fix for janis joplin of hair heroin and latest bid to become da of san francisco. so this is a book that really told it self i have to say. these stories and characters are truly larger than life. >> just after that, make japan yen and brian rohan worked in hallinan's office and they were the guys who started halo, he had ran out of the dads front hollar, a victorian house. they were providing legal services to other kids that got bested i
Dec 24, 2012 9:00am EST
of different reasons but because of his labor politics but also because he had called the fbi in to investigate a lynching that it happened in south carolina in 1947, and that was not a popular thing to do, to called in the fbi to investigate a lynching. but that's all in the book. it's a fascinating moment in his career. that's when a lot of things are really moving around. both in history and in southern politics. yes? >> over the years, i have read that haley barbour in his role as party chair was -- [inaudible] but i notice his name is not listed in the index. >> haley barbour certainly has played a huge role in modern republican politics, enormously talented guy who started off in mississippi politics and rose to great prominence, to be party chairman in 96. at there have been a lot. he was an important figure in kind, important southerner in building the modern gop. as you know, there have been important south killings, too. lee atwater. atwater is a guy who comes out of thurmond's political shop, yeah, that really has a huge influence on gop politics in the 1980s. runs george bush's camp
Dec 23, 2012 6:30am EST
found out through the fbi and cia was that some of those hadn't even shown up in gun shops in arizona. again, go back to the valley. captain collins on the team new tactically that this plan was flawed. but even though they knew that it was flawed, knew that there was incredible danger, bringing a house under an helicopter into the bottom of the valley and into climbed mount to get to this compound that was surrounded by some of the, you know, these really trained, the soviets, you know, for like 10 years, they still went and they still went to carry out this mission. and i think kevin, you describe a little bit about what happens once they landed. >> so, they take off from a base on the border, jalalabad, and they fly into this valley. there some concern this point but there's some concern about the weather. there's a certain wonder they have you can get in and out before the cloud cover. so they have to workload -- quickly as well before they get stuck. but if you can imagine landing in a helicopter and, the plan was to land and get out, but it was so much rubble and eyes and the gr
Dec 23, 2012 5:00pm EST
at the federal and state levels of the fbi gave us the community partner board to identify victims of sex trafficking. in pennsylvania several weeks ago covenant house lead a coalition and to champion save harbor legislation that would be true throughout the united states also guatemala and nicaragua we work directly to cope prosecute against those who are trafficking kids as young as six years old. the work that we do depends on where the victim is with the exploitation by almost always involves psychiatric counseling, and help them build a plan for word that is not very different from what we did 30 years ago kids have been bought and sold for a long time and we help kids move from exploitation and to hope and opportunity we hope people to be better educated and 70 is a big dumb and their of their own volition if it is determined somebody is under age we urge police agencies will learn that looks like to get those kids in to services. >> is reunification and ever a goal? >> every opportunity that is in the kids' interest is explored because we want people to have a family if their famil
Dec 23, 2012 9:15am EST
persons of interest. people who didn't look like students. every night i had to report to the fbi for anyone that might have come into oxford and checked into a hotel that didn't look like he belonged there. so i kept those notes, and then i looked at them over the years. i started this book ten years ago. and i started talking to people that were in my unit, and they provided me with anecdotes. and i looked over old newspaper sections, i looked over old magazines. started piecing things together. ken burns said you look at a photograph long enough, the photograph comes to life. the person that has a life before that snapshot and has a life after that, and you begin to, again, put things together. so you take a photograph of some of your buddies that were at the camp down there, and you start looking at it. then you make visits to the campus, and you start trying to retrace your steps. so that's what became of it, and i connected all the dots. and i had a lot of support. some of you are in the room here to keep pushing this thing. if i don't -- i will sign books after this event.
Dec 25, 2012 3:15pm EST
with fbi agents. everybody knew because they were all wearing tweed jackets. but anyway, there is some serious s. ganache going on, so that's great drama for me. so i just like to walk around the streets. i find that very helpful. >> i wondered when i came to the mirrors entry materials and buffalo issue actually went to buffalo. >> i went a couple of times to buffalo. the other thing is buffalo features than 100 years ago was a very different place from what it's like today. nevertheless i went there in the round, but i got a hold of old maps and the buffalo bluebook, which was the list of high society in town and at newspapers published at the time and so on. go in and walking around is never enough. >> give you a feel for the place. >> and doing research is one thing if it's your own research, but are you able to do all of your own research and a book like this? >> i have to do it myself. other people wouldn't know what i'm looking for. and he finds old works on the maps and photographs and sometimes people interview, but i interviewed them myself. i've never been able to let somebo
Dec 29, 2012 12:00pm EST
his men by a gem smuggling operation, and, in fact, what they later found out through the fbi and cia was that some of the gems had even shown up in, you know, gem shops in arizona. he was selling the gems to finance his whole, you know, his whole campaign, and, again, going back to the valley, captain or the team knew tacktyically that the plan was flawed. even though they knew that it was flawed, knew there was incredible danger, landing the bottom of the valley and climb to the top of the mountain to get to the compound where they knew he was surrounded by some of the, you know, some of the best mercenaries, so to speak in the world, these really trained mercenaries fighting, you know, since the soviets, and, you know, that ten years during the 1980s, they still went and they still went to carry out the mission, and i think, kevin, you can describe a little bit about what happened once they landed. >> oik. -- okay, so they take off from the border, and they fly into this valley, and there's some concern at this point, obviously, but there's concern about the weather. there's a cert
Dec 24, 2012 7:15am EST
of the fbi's secret intelligence operationing in "enemies." in "the oath," legal analyst jeffrey toobin analyzes the relationship between the white house and the supreme court. pleasure journalist robert draper provides an inside account of the 112th united states congress in "do not ask what good we do: inside the u.s. house of representatives." in "s escape from camp 14," blaine harden recounts one man's escape from a north korean political prison camp. for an extended list of links to various publications 2012 notable book selections, visit booktv's web site,, or our facebook page, tv. booktv. ♪ finish. ♪ ♪ >> if we turn away from the needs of others, we align ourselves with those forces which are bringing about this suffering. >> the white house is a bully pulpit, and you ought to take advantage of it. >> obesity in this country is nothing short of a public health crisis. >> i think i just had little antennas that went up and told me when somebody had their own agenda. >> so much influence in that office, it'd be just a shame to waste it. >> i thin
Dec 24, 2012 12:00pm EST
on at the federal and state level. so in alaska last year the fbi gave covenant house its community partner award for the work we're doing to identify victims of sex trafficking and to work on the prosecution of those who traffic kids. in pennsylvania, several weeks ago, covenant house in philadelphia led a coalition that successfully championed new safe harbor legislation that helps victims of sex trafficking. that would be true throughout the united states and of course in latin america where covenant houseworks in mexico, nicaragua and guatemala. in honduras we work very directly including we coprosecute cases against gangs and cartels trafficking kids as young as 6, 7, 8, programs. the work we do to help victims recover depends where that victim is in terms of their exploitation and their suffering. but it almost always involves psychiatric counseling. helping young people begin to deal with rape and exploitation. and help them build a plan forward. that is not very different than the work that we were doing, 30 years ago when kids, we call it trafficking now but it's been going on for a long
Dec 25, 2012 2:00pm EST
in the fbi and washington he settled down with his kids as a real-estate lawyer in fresno, calif.. was pretty dull. he was really itching to get back to washington, back to the action. just after nixon was elected, oakley hunter sent a letter to rose mary woods, nixon's secretary. i guess you would say my special field is housing and urban development. there are very few republicans in the field and even fewer who would care to be in a lifeboat with one. i like the ending list a healthy, you are photographing well. hunter was always a lady's and. loved to party. i can show you exclusively a party favor, fannie mae party in that era. hunter also bought a new headquarters for fannie mae. some people said it was the sort of palace louis xiv would have built if he had the money. during nixon's first year in office the fed was fighting inflation. interest-rate wind up and housing starts came down 40%. nixon declared a crisis situation in housing and the solution was more fannie mae. we got a hot -- home financing act of 1970 creating a second government chartered mortgage company freddie mac desig
Dec 29, 2012 8:00am EST
on at the federal and state level so in alaska last year, the fbi gave cove inapt -- covenant house was given a community partner award for the work we do to identify trafficking and prosecute it in pennsylvania, and several weeks ago, covenant house in philadelphia led a coalition that successfully championed new safe harbor legislation that helped victims of sex trafficking, and that would be true throughout the united states, and worse in latin america, working in mexico, guatemala, and honduras, we work directly including co-prosecuting the cases against the gangs and cartels trafficking kids who are as young as six, seven, eight, nine, ten years old. the work we do to help vick -- victims recover depends where the victim is on their exploitation and suffering but involves councilling, dealing with rape and exploitation, and develop a plan forward that's not very different than the work that we were doing, you know, 30 years ago. we call it trafficking now, but it's been going on for a long time. kids have been getting bought and sold in this country for a long time, and we worked for a l
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12